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Normally I would ask a relative to borrow money until pay day but its been 1-year now that I haven’t had to ask anyone to borrow money.

— Hospital Receptionist, Wife, Age 55

I have a bank account but I used to pay overdraft fees every time my rent was due. Now I use PayActiv for rent and groceries. Everything else can wait.

— Hospital Administrator, Mother, Head of Household, Age 38

Once, I was being evicted, so I asked my sister but otherwise I just used to pay late fees regularly. I am so relieved I can use PayActiv App.

— Hospital Cleaning Staff, Veteran, Grandfather, Age 68

I don’t like being late but sometimes I just didn’t have enough to cover. I used to pay $50 for late fees on my rent. With PayActiv App I just access my own cash.

— Machine Operator, Male, Age 31

PayActiv has been very helpful. I am very grateful to my employer for offering this benefit.

— Human Resource Administrator, Grandmother, Age 52

I’ve borrowed money to pay my rent, so that my phone doesn’t get turned off. I now use PayActiv to get me out of a bind.

— Restaurant chef, Single, Age 28

I had to borrow from a Payday Lender when my car broke down. He took $45 for a $300 loan and gave me $255. I never wanna go back. I can just access PayActiv if I need some money like that..

— Security guard, Single, 40

use PayActiv to pay my baby sitter on time. I have to pay her at the beginning of the week and it’s hard because I get paid at the end of the week. I’m always struggling to come up with the funds to pay her. Now I pay her on time..

— Farm worker, Single Mother, Age 23

I’m always short on my rent and before I had the opportunity to get my cash advance I would always start stressing when the due date was near. Now I use PayActiv twice a month. Once for utility bills and then for rent deadlines..

— Machine-Maintenance, Head of Household, Age 40

Password Criteria